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9 Gorgeous Day and Night Shots in a Single Photograph.

Artist Stephen Wilkes, creates these amazing shots of Day and Night blending into a single photograph. “Each image can take as long as four months to complete. One month in editing, and three months of working with my re-toucher, to get the image look exactly as I have envisioned it,”...

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Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions.

There are chemical reactions going on all around us that would leave your head spinning. However, they’re happening at such a small scale that you don’t really get a good macroscopic look at them too often. Well, luckily there are chemists and reckless tinkerers to blow things up. Let’s zero...

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Say Hi to The Future of First Aid Kit!

Geeks in medical science are making use of technology like it has been done never before. You put together creativity and geek and then sit back and enjoy the wonders! This article is about a design which will undoubtedly become quite famous. First aid kits are an essential part of...


5 Richest Gangsters of all time

Violence in human nature is inevitable. Some of us commit small acts of violence while other take it to a whole new level. Today we will discuss gangsters who used violence


36 Mugshots from the 1920s

Released by Sifter, here are some incredible mugshots from the 1920s housed by the Historic Houses Trust. These images are quite artistic too, making them look forged, but rest assured, these are real criminals who happen to be photogenic too. Enjoy.

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Must visit place before the world ends: Bora Bora

Crystal clear water, white sand beaches and comfortable resorts surrounded by nature at its best, what more can a person ask for. Bora Bora check all the boxes when it comes to a perfect vacation resort.  Bora Bora is an island in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia,...

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10 Tragedies Caught on Film

British Pathe has captured many extraordinary events on film over its 80 year history but sometimes the cameras were switched on when tragedy struck. From Franz Reichelt’s death jump off the Eiffel Tower to the Hindenburg Disaster, here are 10 tragedies caught on film. These are some of the most...

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London Garden Bridge – Nature and Science

We have all heard the saying, “On the road of life, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.” The Garden Bridge, a project by Thomas Heatherwick, one of Britain’s most celebrated designers, literally makes you do so. Heatherwick has been responsible for a lot of magnificent projects which include...

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A living Rock!

Ever heard of a living rock? A rock that reproduces too? Well, it goes by the name of Pyura chilensis.. Yeah, it’s completely immobile and just sits there sucking in air and filtering out microorganisms for it’s consumption. It also throws out clouds of sperms into water to make more immobile...

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A must visit place before you die: The Love Tunnel, Ukraine.

This beautiful tunnel stands deep into the forest of Ukraine near the city of Klevan. It may look like something right off of a romantic movie, a movie set perhaps but this scenic place exists in real. The 1.8 miles long tunnel is also famous for lovers to visit. The...


Pavement Coating Reducing Air Pollution

We all are a victim of pollution. While yes this is the price we have paid for moving forward and progressing, many are calling science a killer of the environment. But it is not science itself but rather how we have used it that the environment had to suffer. Nowadays,...

Wonderful Earth – Time Lapse

Wonderful Earth – Time Lapse

Watch this amazing time lapse video of the beautiful world we live in, through the International Space Station. Truly majestic! Do leave your comments and let us know about your thoughts. hacked 0 hacked

Many popular “.pk” domain names including Pakistani Google,, have been hijacked this saturday by a Turkish hacking group know as “EBOZ” as reported by local newspaper “The News” . These addresses had their DNS settings changed to point to two alternative name servers

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