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2014’s Top Ten Geekiest Weddings

While the rest of the world puts on their fancy hats for the Royal Wedding, we want to pay tribute to the amazing science fiction and fantasy-themed weddings that have rocked our universe.  Whether it’s a fully costumed themed ceremony or just a fairy tale wedding, we’ve got the world’s...

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Slice it Up – Dissected Character Street Art by Nychos

And here we thought only butchers “Slice for a Living”.. A Vienna based artist popularly known as Nychos – the weird slices for a living; his anatomical drawings feature illustrations of dissected animals, birds, even cartoon characters, anything he can lay his hands on. Nychos grew up in a hunting family...

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Everyday Objects to Create Amazing Illustrations – Artwork by Cristoph Niemann

What do creative artists do on Sundays? Random Art! In his series called Sunday Sketches, Christoph Niemann creates amazing illustrations using everyday objects with colorful ink. When he isn’t drawing for the New York Times and other prominent magazines, he creates random, interactive art pieces utilizing daily use objects in remarkably creative...

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19 Creative Ways to Display Your Stuff

Have you ever had one of those days when you walk back to your apartment and find all your minimal belongings in their perfect place, a crisp, clean, beautiful apartment awaiting you so you could hop into a nice, warm bath with a glass of wine? Yeah, me neither. If...

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Vintage Ads that Just Shouldn’t Have Happened!

Advertising comes in all shapes and sizes; even the ones that don’t really fit anyone! There are more bad advertisements doing the rounds than good ones, and some take it to the next level with raunchy tag lines, unintentional (or may be intentional?) puns, misogyny, racism and what not! The...

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Can you Tell if These are Real or Drawn?!

Talented artists can for sure leave you amazed and baffled by their work, right? Here’s one such artist; Ivan Hoo who is a self-taught Singapore based artist. He is capable of creating drawing that are hyper realistic and it is really hard to tell if they are real or not....

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20 Plus Great Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re all getting ready for those tiny trick-or-treaters who want the best candy around, but i’m sure we all have that kid inside of us who also wants to dress up. Costumes for grown ups are very high in demand theses days and...

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Colorful Pancake Art by DAD

We don’t know about you guys, but when we were kids, the most our parents did for breakfast each morning was toss an apple or banana our way as we ran out the door to catch the bus.  Weekends were slightly better.  This dad is creating works of art with...

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Amazing Standoff Between Two Cats

Here is one cat with which you don’t want to mess. After a gut-wrenching standoff this show ends with one cat being scared sh*tless. NatGeo has captured this whole  event beautifully.

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Top Upcoming Games of 2014

Here is a teaser to start off the list: Yes, that’s true; a GoT game. Being developed by Telltale Games in partnership with George R. R. Martin’s personal assistant Ty Corey Franck, this game will add to the publisher’s/developer’s list of successful games such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. These episodic games have...

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Some of the Best Advertisements You will See

Ads go a long way in send messages across, if they are made correct. Here are some of the fines examples of beautiful advertisements; some ads may be funny, some might be more of a serious nature but they are all equally wonderful to perceive.

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Reusing Aluminum Cans- New and Creative!

What better to purge solid waste than to reuse it in the most creative ways possible? A Japanese artist is doing exactly that by saving up his fizzy drink cans and transforming them into remarkably colorful and ingenious art models. This only takes recycling to a whole new level of...

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Smosh Mess with The Rock

The Rock’s ‘Hercules’ has garnered around a good $60 million dollars till now. The Rock campaigned pretty extensively for promoting his new film. YouTube superstars Smosh also got a chance to speak to him and that’s when things get interesting…because it is Smosh. Check out the video below to get a load...

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Best Moments from FIFA World Cup 2014

So the FIFA World Cup 2014 is over with Germany celebrating and a very sad Lionel Messi. We decided to do a post that would cover most if not all of the best moments from this adrenaline rushing and thrilling roller coaster ride of FIFA World Cup 2014. From Flying...

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