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DareDevil Should Try These – Bionic Eye

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a retinal degenerative disease that causes a sequential loss of central vision. In individuals over the age of 50 years

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Let’s Hijack Drones – SkyJack

Amazon’s Prime Air announcement earlier this month accentuated concerns about the use of commercial drones, but a certain programming genius may have just made matters worse when he recently modified a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 with his custom software that he calls ‘SkyJack’

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V-Tex – The Microwave Cooler

You might have experienced this;  coming back to home on a hot day and discovering that there is no juice or bear in the fridge to refresh yourself.

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Bluetooth Speaker Which is Waterproof Too!

We have come a long way since the first cell phones were introduced. Nowadays, your phone is much more than just a tool to make and receive calls. It is your mp3 player, camera, video player, watch and what not!

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Phonebloks : A Concept Device made of interchangeable blocks

Apple might have gained all the column inches with its new range of smartphones, but it can’t compare to this concept in terms of pure innovation. ‘Phonebloks’ is a new concept for a mobile phone which you literally build yourself, from a range of pre-made parts, including the battery, processor...

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Tech toys you must have: Xbox One

Talk about kick-ass gaming consoles and the first name that should come to your mind should be the Xbox 720 or now known as the Xbox One. Heir to the Xbox 360 this monster of a gaming console will surely blow every one away. It is codenamed ‘Durango’, it’s made...

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Get Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse – M16 Crossbow

If you are like us who spends most of their scrolling on internet and going through different posts on many social forums then you’re probably well aware that zombie apocalypse is the word of the day. This phenomenon has become so popular that Hollywood has started making movies on it....

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What every Long Distance Relationship Needs – The Tactilu

One of the things that we’ve recently seen an increase in, is the “Long-Distance relationship” thingy! After the introduction of the social networks and dating websites, more and more teens are starting up relationships on the internet, which is well, not cool. But they’re teens and what else do you...

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Smart Public Trash Cans – Enevo One system

Garbage trouble is a problem for the developed countries as WWll as for the under-developed countries. There are places where the trash cans can be seen full of trash and the authorities are at times late for the emptying it up, because they had just  emptied it some time ago...

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Dyson’s Inventions – The Vacuum Cleaner for City people

Science and technology are always working to make our lives comfortable. How many of you live in apartments or in small houses? If you do then no doubt keeping a full scale vacuum cleaner is going to be a problem. Sir James Dyson proposes a solution; A Tiny Vacuum that...

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Top 10 Best Digital Cameras

With heaps of cameras coming out each year in the market, it can be a troublesome task to find the one that is better than the rest and fulfills your requirements. Our list here presents you with the ten best digital cameras out there so you can make an informed...

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