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Colias: Autonomous Robots to Replicate Swarm Behavior

Replicating behavior and working together to accomplish a certain task.  This new technology will make it more feasible and economical for researchers to replicate swarm behavior according to scientists involved with the Colias project. Colias, named after a genus of butterfly can be used to investigate collective behaviors and swarm...

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MIT’s Robo-Cheetah Gets An Upgrade

Speed and agility are the characteristics of a cheetah. As it fires up to top speed, a cheetah pumps its legs, bounding until it reaches a full gallop.  Now, MIT researchers have developed an algorithm for bounding that they’ve successfully implemented in a robotic cheetah.  The details of this new...

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Harvard’s Kilobot Swarm Demonstrate The Future of AI

Have you ever seen an army of ants following orders?  Grabbing a piece of bread from your picnic basket, lifting it up and uniformly march off into their anthill.  Well, similarly the Harvard School of Engineering in Massachusetts have built what are called Kilobots, tiny robots which march to form...

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SaviOne: Service Robot Designed for Hotels

Did you forget your toothpaste? Do you need more towels?  How about a bucket of ice?  Staff at some hotels can now dispatch a robot butler to fulfill guest requests at any time, day or night.  A robotic butler is set to roam the corridors on trial of the Aloft...

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Bionic Kangaroo – Wonders of Science

When the German company Festo invented a modern method to harness wind energy by a mechanism involving imitating the movements of birds’ wings, the company has been on the radar for all the techno freaks and analysts out there.

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The Wondrous Point of View of an Eagle

This video shows the point of view of An Eagle. Majestic as it gets, just watch the video and relax. Here is another one from BBC with the Peregrine Falcon & Goshawk. It’s even better then anyone Imagined.

Ape Robot to be Used as a Moon Explorer-1

Ape Robot – iStruct Demonstrator

The race to get to the moon first is no big secret. The two super powers of that time invested a lot of time and effort into it. However, today, we are working to improve the data collection from visiting moon and to make it less risky. The best possible...

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Let’s Recycle – ERO Robot

Engineering owes a great deal to science and the advancement which science has made over the decades. What would seem like a fantasy is reality now and well, we are continually getting amazed by the inventions and innovations that science keeps on bringing our way and making our life easier....

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Segway-like Firefighter Robots

Robotics is becoming the talk of the day. The possibilities with robotics are endless. Believe it or not; they have already taken over industry because of their efficiency and the technological advancement that science is making every minute that passes by. However, there is a certain ‘gap’ between robotics and...

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