Charge Your Apple Watch Using This Amazing Strap

Apple Watch Reserve Strap (3)

God bless Apple for giving so many entrepreneurs opportunities! As soon as an Apple product is announced, heads get together to cook up something that’d be TOTALLY essential for Apple fanatics to have.

Here’s another: The Reserve Strap. This beauty is a strap-cum-charger for the Apple Watch, so it can be charged on-the-go. The strap promises to improve the Apple Watch’s battery life by 125%!

Apple Watch Reserve Strap (2)

Brainchild of Mutual Mobile, The Reserve Strap is presently a prototype sure to develop into a valuable accessory for the Apple Watch. Its latest design has upgraded from its wireless inductive charging method to a faster, more direct one that uses the device’s hidden diagnostic port. This new design is a strap that clips into the side of the watch. Mr. John Arrow, founder of the Mutual Mobile says initial testing on both the 32mm and the 48mm Apple Watch estimate a 125% improvement in the product’s battery life.

Apple Watch Reserve Strap (4)

Apple Watch Reserve Strap (1)

Even though Apple has released band design guidelines for third-parties, it focuses only on the aesthetic design of straps, which is why it’s still uncertain if Apple will allow other companies to access the 6-pin diagnostic port on the watch. For just the case, the Reserve Strap plans to accompany its product with a special tool for users to flip the watch open.Apple Watch Reserve Strap (3)

The Reserve Strap team is accepting preorders on their official website. The strap costs $249 for its prototype, but when you can have it on your wrist is still unknown.


Charge Your Apple Watch Using This Amazing Strap

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