Charge your Smartphone 92% Faster with Legion Meter

Smartphones sure have become a necessity of life and a dead battery will result in panic mode to kick in. As far as the charging goes; it will take the user about three hours for the smartphone to charge completely. This three hour time is average for all the major players in smartphone industry. However, not everyone can spare three hours waiting for the smartphone to charge up and for such folks there are a number of alternatives available; spare battery (except for iPhone), external battery pack or maybe just spend the day without your smartphone. Legion MeterHowever, this particular new gadget will solve this issue without any hiccup. Say hello to the Legion Meter (Although the name ‘Legion’ does sound kind of villain-ish, Ghost Rider fans would know, the gadget is something you must own.)

Legion Meter 8The Legion Meter sure is a peculiar device that looks like a USB drive and is capable of being plugged into the existing charger. The gadget comes with a display, a tiny OLED display, which will render the user capable of setting the meter’s preferences. Now to the reason why this peculiar meter is so unique; as per the claims, this gadget can charge your smartphone 92% faster as compared to any other charger that is available right now. Whoa, did you read that right, yes you did!Legion Meter 5

Alright, first things first; this stupid junk is going to deep fry my battery, isn’t it? No, it will not do anything of the sort. The gadget is safe to use because of the smart technology that it employs.

Legion Meter 7 Legion Meter 6Once the Legion meter is plugged to your charger, you will be asked to select the operation mode; Apple mode or Android mode. This mode setting then ensures that the Legion Meter optimized charging while speeding it up as per your device’s capacity. In simple words; Legion Meter will dictate to your smartphone about how quickly it can charge itself without hurting itself in the process. This approach is known as PLX Charge Accelerator Circuit currently being patented by Legion Meter.

Legion Meter 4The actual charging speed is calculated by algorithms which are provided by Legion Meter. The basic working; the smart algorithms will learn about how you use your device and shall then calculate the energy usage (500 times per second) allowing for accurate power metering. This information that will enable the user to determine if the battery is healthy and happy shall be showed up on the display screen.

Legion Meter 2The gadget is being funded on Kickstarter and starts at $39. The price is almost the same as external battery packs. We can’t wait to see this sweet gadget out in the market and see how well it performs!


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