Check Out Jacques Rogueries’ Self Sustaining Floating “City of Meriens”

Have you ever thought what the cities of the future will look like?  Things are so high tech now, just imagine what the future holds for us.  Living in the day and age we do makes us dream of a future that is energy efficient, modern, sustainable in using natural resources, and living with an eco-friendly  environment.  French architect, Jacques Rougerie says he has a special affiliation with the sea and his life’s work shows this.  He has been designing aquatic architecture such as the Rougerie’s SeaOrbiter ship, a roving laboratory that is described as the “Starship Enterprise for the water,” is currently under construction.  His next design,  a floating city where up to 7,000 ocean loving humans can live, is another way to show his passion for the underwater of meriens2

Rougerie’s floating city bears a resemblance to a manta ray.  It would be called “The City Of Meriens” – “meriens” is a word Rougerie came up with himself to describe people who ‘belong to the sea.’  The floating city was inspired by the family of sea Rays because those creatures seem to fly, rather than swim through the water.  The idea of the structure is dedicated to understanding and conducting research on the oceanic environment.  The city would be nearly 3.000 feet long and 1,600 feet wide.  It will be equipped with laboratories, classrooms, living quarters, and space for leisure activities and sports.  There will be a central lagoon that will provide docking spaces for vessels up to 90 meters in length, as well as the future SeaOrbiters.   The city would be completely self sustaining.  It will run on marine energy and will produce no waste whatsoever.  Integrated aquaculture facilities and hydroponic greenhouses will  provide sustenance for crew and occupants.

city of meriens3 city of meriens4

Rougerie describes himself as a ‘pragmatic dreamer.’  Though the whole idea seems pretty far-fetched, but if the SeaOrbiter project is completed successfully, then who’s to say the City of Meriens won’t be possible someday.  Rougerie, well known for his imaginative designs for land, sea, and space, envsions the vessel as a university city.

city of meriens1He has built several underwater habitats, some of which he lives in.

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