Check Out The First Modular Smartphone Case, NEXPAQ

The concept of a modular smartphone that lets you swap components like a bigger battery or better camera has been around for a while now, like Google’s Project Ara.  However, if you don’t want to replace your entire phone, Nexpaq is the next best thing.  This amazing gadget will allow you the freedom you’ve always craved for. nexpaq4nexpaq3nexpaq2

Nexpaq is offering consumers a modular smartphone product they can actually buy and hopefully start using in a few months.  It is a smartphone case which allows you to mix and match any six modules at a time, opening up the door to changing functionality.  The components can be inserted and removed without powering down the smartphone.  All the cases include a 1,000mAh battery on-board, which should add roughly 30-50 percent more life to your smartphone.  The modules can work in either iOS or Android handsets.Check Out The First Modular Smartphone Case, NEXPAQ  (1)

The Nexpaq modules include:  battery, amplified speaker, super LED flashlight. SD card reader, temperature and humidity, hotkeys, USB flash storage, air quality, breathalyzer, laser pointer, and 64GB hard drive.  The case is available for three smartphones, the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and Galaxy S5.  The modules are controlled by the Nexpaq app.  This app is equipped to detect a module whenever you add it to the case.  Once it has successfully detected the module, it automatically updates it.  The modules are not hardware specific and therefore can easily be swapped between iOS and Android devices. Check Out The First Modular Smartphone Case, NEXPAQ  (1)Check Out The First Modular Smartphone Case, NEXPAQ  (2)  

Nexpaq is running a fundraising campaign via Kickstarter.  The Nexpaq smartphone case can be pre- ordered for $89.

Check Out The Firt Modular Smartphone Case, NEXPAQ 3For this price you will get a case and four basic modules – speaker, buttons, battery, and SD card reader.  Delivery will begin in January 2016.Check Out The First Modular Smartphone Case, NEXPAQ  (3)  This gadget has been added to our must have list already, what about you?

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