Check Out The Self-charging ‘Immortus’ Solar Car

Everyone who uses an electric car will agree that the nuisance caused by the battery running out is very annoying. It is not always easy to find a charging spot for your car and when you do, the charging procedure takes at least half an hour at the minimum. It is much like owning a smartphone.

Many initiatives have been taken to overcome this problem with scientists coming up with new brilliant ideas regularly. The road that charges your car as you drive is already there but now, there is a car with solar panels on its roof so that it can charge ITSELF as you drive.

Immortous Solar Car 2

The car in question is called The Immortus solar car, developed by EVX Ventures, an Australian company. The Immortus has the ability to last up to a whole day on a single charge without stopping even though it has a small 10kWh battery. This is down to its futuristic design including a solar panel on its roof. This car can seat two adults which makes it quite roomy for an electric car.

Immortous Solar Car 3

However, there are some drawbacks as well. For the battery to perform at its optimum level and to make it last a whole day, an average speed of 60km/h will have to be maintained. On an average speed of 85km/h, the battery should last for 550km which is not bad at all. On cloudy days or during the night, the car is believed to travel for a distance of at least 400km before running out of charge.

Immortous Solar Car 4

But maybe the biggest hump it hits is the price. It is not yet for sale but it is believed that only 100 units will be made at an average price of a whopping $370,000 per piece. But that is an only one time payment for a car that essentially “refuels” itself as you drive.

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