Check Out USS Zumwalt’s First Trip To Sea

The US Navy has received a recent and major upgrade in the form of the USS Zumwalt that is guiding US Navy into the future. It has been designed to carry laser weapons and railguns that don’t exactly exist as of yet, however, would come to exist in the near future. The destroyer sports a stealthy body that seems a bit weird as well. At first look it looks like something that Darth Vader would command!Check Out USS Zumwalt's First Trip To Sea

This week US Navy took it out to the sea for first time and a video was released afterwards. On 7th December, it traversed the Atlantic Ocean’s clear surface. The angular profile that it features has been designed with stealth being the main focus and owing to this, the small crew will be spending most of the time inside the high-tech and modern interior of the destroyer. It also features a landing pad at the back that can house two helicopters or multiple mini-drones.Check Out USS Zumwalt's First Trip To Sea 4

The third Zumwalt-class ship will feature a railgun most likely on board, however, the current versions feature two 155mm guns that is intended for large ships and are housed in smooth couplings to incorporate minimized radar signature. The destroyer also sports a number of 30mm guns that are smaller and fire at a slower rate as well. These are intended for defending the ship against smaller attack craft. These guns are the Zumwalt destroyer’s secondary weapons with the main weapons being 20 missile system bays capable of holding a minimum of four missiles each.

Right now, the Navy is merely exhibiting the basic workings of the voyaging ship. Check it out in the video below!


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