Chevy Features a Smartphone Cooler On Its 2016 Models

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Smartphones have a habit of over heating. Annoying, right? Pair it up with a hot car and the mercury climbs like crazy. This is bad for your smart phone’s life. The processor dies a slow painful death, and your frustration mounts as it loses its breath.Chevy Phone Cooling 1

Chevy’s 2016 production line is introducing an “industry first” Active Phone Cooling feature on its models. That’sn air vent right next to the typical charging bins that are now a must have for every auto. The air conditioning will spout cool air directly on to the phone’s back and keep its temperature under control.

Chevy Phone Colling 2 Cehevy Phone Cooling

The first Chevrolets to feature this phone specific air vent are 2016 Impala, Mailbu, Volt, and Cruze, along with a wireless charging facility.

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