Cinder Sensing Cooker Shall Grill The Perfect Steak For You

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Now-a-days everyone is into eating healthy.  We have been witnessing a number of gadgets in this regard as well.  There’s a new smart home appliance that will hit the market next year that uses sensors and artificial intelligence to grill steak much like a chef at a pricey restaurant.


A startup called Cinder is introducing a non-water-bath cooking method called the Cinder Sensing Cooker.  It looks like a George Foreman Grill, but promises to deliver the same precision of a sous vide machine as well as built-in searing functionality.  The 1800W electric Cinder Sensing Cooker comes with two cooking plates that Cinder CEO and co-founder, Eric Norman, said should accommodate up to two large New York strip steaks per cook.  cinder1It’s also equipped with a series of sensors that judge the temperature of the thermal chamber and the thickness of the food.  “Now chefs are celebrities, more people watch Food Network,” said Cinder CEO and co-founder Eric Norman, who describes the countertop cooking device as “restaurant quality.”  The digitally-controlled cooking surfaces can heat up and cool down very quickly.  Norman compares it to a cast-iron skillet many chefs use because they have “a big thermal mass.”

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In addition to its basic features, the precision cooker is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.  It has an iOS app that you can use to customize cooking cycles or check on the status of your food wherever you have an internet connection.  The app sends the instructions to Cinder, which provides feedback on the cooking status of your food. The app will show pictures of the food cooked to varying degrees, and all you need to do is pick out which one looks tastiest.  The best part for busy cooks is you can leave Cinder unattended.  If you get caught up in a project that’s taking longer than you expected, the smart cooker will hold your meal at the precise temperature you set for up to two hours.  The cooker can also handle other meats like pork and chicken.  It will even grill onions and fish.


At 18 inches long by 12 inches wide and 5 inches tall, Cinder won’t dominate your countertop.  The two aluminum non-stick cooking plates are dishwasher safe, so cleanup should be easy.   cinder3Cinder will retail for $499 when it starts shipping in 2016, but you can pre-order this amazing gadget as well.

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