Cliris is All You Need to Automatically Maintain Your Eyeglasses

Cliris Automatic Glasses Cleaner2

We know all those who wear eyeglasses on a regular basis crave for something that could clean their glasses clean for them. The glasses, when worn all the time, get dirty – not just the lens but the frame as well – and accumulate different kinds of bacteria on them as well. Usually those who own glasses can be seen struggling with their pair while trying to clean them thoroughly.

Cliris Automatic Glasses Cleaner8Wouldn’t it be great to have a gadget that could do it for you? Indeed it would be and that is exactly what the Cliris SA, a Swiss startup, thought when they created Cliris. Cliris is an automatic eyeglass cleaner that employs the use of ultrasound along with a biodegradable solution in order to clean, disinfect, anti fog treatment, dry and even scent your glasses, all in mere four minutes.

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As of now, a Kickstarter fund campaign is underway for gathering the development fund for Cliris. This amazing eyeglasses cleaning gadget – Cliris – works in quite a simple manner; plug the device into a wall socket and fold your glasses before you place them in the pop out drawer which then carries the glasses inside the Cliris. After this, you will turn on the power and the tank will fill up with the cleaning liquid, which as mentioned already is biodegradable, and begins working. As per company’s claims the Cliris will consume only 40 W when it comes to power consumption and works quite silently.

Cliris Automatic Glasses Cleaner3 Cliris Automatic Glasses Cleaner

Let’s talk about the peculiar cleaning process that Cliris brings to the table. As mentioned earlier; the gadget employs ultrasound along with company’s own biodegradable cleaning fluid known as Cliriense. The fluid is provided to the gadget in form of cartridges that fit into the Cliris (two at a time). As per the company, each cartridge can manage 30 cycles of cleaning that implies one cartridge is good enough for a month if you use one cleaning cycle each day. A LED light will light up indicating that the cartridge needs to be changed, which, by the way, has been reported to be quite quick and easy. Also because the fluid is environment friendly you can throw it away in sink without worrying because there will be no consequences.

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Cliris can work with all sorts of glasses as long as they measure a maximum size of 5×15 cm including the sunglasses and sports glasses when folded and also, unless the material is sensitive to ultrasound (which is hardly the case ever). The company claims to have built a number of functional prototypes already and says that the funds are required to scale the Cliris up and to reduce the time it takes to complete a cycle.

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For those of you who want this gadget, they can pledge $269 to reserve one unit for them which comes in two colors; black or white. The pledge will also cover two cartridges that cost about $25. If all goes well, that is to say if the campaign meets its target of $280,000 by 22nd July, we will be seeing the first deliveries being made in April 2015. As of now; the design is patent pending and company says that the device will be available with a warranty of two years.

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Cliris is All You Need to Automatically Maintain Your Eyeglasses

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