Colorful Pancake Art by DAD

We don’t know about you guys, but when we were kids, the most our parents did for breakfast each morning was toss an apple or banana our way as we ran out the door to catch the bus.  Weekends were slightly better.  This dad is creating works of art with his pancake batter.  Adorable, fun, and a great way to make kids actually eat something.  An innovative Dad with his kids’ well-being in mind. We don’t have a name to go along with the pictures but we wanted to share them with you.  These artistic pancake drawings were made by a dad with dyed pancake batter for his kids.

1.  Who needs a bowl of cereal when you can have a fish bowl pancake instead?

pancake art6

2.  JAWS is coming for you!!!

pancake art3

3.  Have breakfast with your fine feathered friend RIO.

pancake art5

4.  This rabbit won’t be this happy once you sink your teeth in it.

pancake art1

5.  There’s no monkeying around in this dad’s kitchen.

pancake art7

6.  You’ll have a whale of a day after this pancake.

pancake art8

7.  What a Grrrrrreat!! way to start your day.

pancake art9

8.  This turtle is sure going to win the race.

pancake art4

9.   If looks could kill!!!

pancake art10

10.  King of the Jungle and King of the Kitchen!!

pancake art11

11.  This wolf is staring right at you.

pancake art12

12.  Finally, our chance to gobble up Godzilla.

pancake art13

13.  This rhino will sure stampede into your tummy.

pancake art14

Now, who says playing with your food is a bad thing.  With this Dad around maybe Mom can take it easy more often.

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