COOPY Is A Multi-facetted Multi-functional Gadget That Does Everything Via Push Of A Button

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Wish you could snap a photograph with your hands free? Wanna talk to your loved ones about something important while driving? Need to send a quick text? All this is just a click away with COOPY on your fingertips now! We all want to get multiple things done at the same time in this fast paced world we live in, and COOPY makes sure we can do just that.


Pentasens Inc., located in Cleveland Ohio, is the creator and developer of this amazing smartphone compatible device, consists of a team of highly-experienced and technology driven experts who are focused on the design and creation of smart products. COOPY not only makes sure you answer your calls and reply to a text, but also lets you keep track of your loved ones in case they get in any kind of trouble. COOPY is a compact wearable device, which acts as a smartphone shortcut, providing users with the possibility to complete multiple functions with a single click.


COOPY can be customized to send pre-defined text messages with a single click. This gadget lets you customize different buttons to send quick texts for when you’re driving, or are in a meeting, or rushing to get your baby’s hands off of whatever filth they have got into today!


COOPY can also be your personal safety device. One of its buttons is specified for emergency situations. With one press, the user can alert designated people of their whereabouts and that something is wrong. To this end, it doubles as a locating device as well, and if attached with your items, can locate them too. So you can find your pet, and your luggage by pairing them up with a COOPY! With its child-lock option, you can disable all buttons and set it to receive a notification when your child is out of a specified range.


COOPY can be customized to take pictures, set lighting of your room, open your garage door, the possibilities are endless. Customization is easy, using COOPY’s app and if you already have a smart home, everything is configurable to this little star shaped device.

With the app, you can configure the buttons to change what they do according to the time or the location. When at home, COOPY may be setting your lights or changing your music – step out and it will be your garage door opener or text sender!


Now, all you need to do is get your hands on this tiny little device and make your life easier than ever before. Get multiple tasks done by a simple click of a button on your COOPY without having to go to any kind of trouble or complexity of your smartphone! 

COOPY is made with durable ABS and TPE plastics, and a string battery that can last for over a year. It’s 48 mm x 50 mm in size, and just 15 mm thick, so you can carry it around easily. It comes with a removable mount for your car or side table, so it’s easily accessible wherever you are.

COOPY (1)You can back COOPY on Kickstarter within the next 12 days to get your hands on this multi-facetted multi-functional gadget. If all goes to plan, you might be able to operate your life with COOPY by December 2015.

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