Crab Mate is One Handy Tool That’s 11-in-1 and fits on Your Keychain

Graphic designer Laura Flores is a handy girl who always has a few tools on her hands. Playing with the idea of a one in many tools, and her love for Crabbing at the Sea, she was inspired to design Crab Mate, an 11 in 1 super handy gadget that is a bottle opener, a screw driver, a hexwrench, a box opener, a pry bar and many many more in a sleek and sexy, stainless steel crab.

Crab Mate (2)

The stainless steel, laser finished, Crab Mate is a design marvel that is craftily shaped like a crab to adjust 11 tools in one, and it is coated with a non corrosive material to last all the uses it can be put to. The crab’s legs work as pry bars, a bottle opener, a nail picker and a wire cutter, and strategically shaped holes work as hexwrenches of 4 different sizes. It also fits a Philips screwdriver bit to increase the moment arm so you could tighten screws manually.

Crab Mate (1) Crab Mate (4) Crab Mate (3)Crab Mate (8)Crab Mate (7)

Crab mate measures mere 2.92″ in height, 2.7″ in width and 4mm in thickness and is easily attachable to a keyring. It is the most useful key chain you will ever have, and for the lovers of climbing, the Crab Mate is a super climbing mate as it works as a Paracord Knotless Tie Device.

Crab Mate (5) Crab Mate (1)

To aid the production of this handy multi-tool, Laura has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a US $5000 goal. Backers receive an Early Bird price of $19 on their Crab Mate.

Source: Kickstarter

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