CulCharge Can Work As A Powerbank, Charging And Data Cable

No matter how good or expensive our smartphones are, they do not have an unlimited battery life.  There are plenty of awesome gadgets that cater to that need of smartphones under the banner of battery extenders.  However, this particular gadget created by a start-up based in Bratislavea, Slovakia, is something quite amazing.  The CulCharge Powerbank is a wearable device with a 1000 mAh to give your phone battery a quick boost when you’re outside.  It also has a built-in charge and data cable.

culcharge powerbank2 culcharge powerbank5

The CulCharge is so compact that you can carry it with your keys. It is 2.1 inches long and weighs 38 grams.  It provides around 55 percent of a full charge on the iPhone 6 and 39 percent of a full charge on the Galaxy S6.   It’s compatible with iOs, Android, and Windows mobile phones.  The company is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

culcharge powerbank4 culcharge powerbank6

The unit is rechargeable via USB, and can be connected to a notebook/desktop computer and a mobile device at the same time.  In addition to being a powerbank and a charger, the CulCharge also works as a data cable for syncing your computer and mobile device.  The gadget has protruding plugs, hence you avoid cables getting all tangled up.  CulCharge’s estimated working like is 500 recharge cycles.

culcharge powerbank3 culcharge powerbank7

The company has already met its initial target.  You can get yourself a CulCharge by pre-ordering two units for $49.  The estimated retail price is $70.  The company is offering worldwide shipping and a 100% money back guarantee if the product does not meet expectations.  Delivery is expected for December 2015.

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