Daywatch – An Alternative to Smart Watches

A couple of 2009 Harvard graduates, Matthew Thomas and Daniel Valenti created an ultra-simple watch called the Daywatch.  Its name is self explanatory, it’s a watch that tells you the time of the day?


In this day and age where high-tech, smart gadgets are what everybody’s looking for, the Daywatch is just the opposite.  It has one function and one function only, it displays the day of the week.  According to the creators, “We’ve developed a wristwatch that doesn’t tell time.  Daywatch simply displays the day of the week and reminds us all to seize the day….It’s programmed to change every 24 hours and is incapable of displaying the hour, minute, or date.Daywatch - An Alternative to Smart Watches4

The technology behind the Daywatch is as simple as its function, its screen will make use of low-power, high-resolution “e-ink”, mostly used by Amazon Kindle.   With this watch the creators want to remind everyone that they only get one chance to experience each day, focus on the big picture, forget the nitty gritty.Daywatch - An Alternative to Smart Watches2 Daywatch - An Alternative to Smart WatchesDaywatch - An Alternative to Smart Watches3

Thomas and Valenti came up with this idea when they we on vacation and sitting at a beach bar and could figure out what day of the week it was.   They were enjoying life to the fullest, not worrying about tomorrow.  They felt they needed a watch just to tell them what day of the week it was and that’s how Daywatch was born.  They’ve been working on it since Spring 2014 and after the design and prototype phases, they are now ready to market their product.  Along with being super simple, it’s super inexpensive too.


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