DefenDoor: A Home Security System That Syncs With Your Phone


Imagine having the convenience of a butler, organization of a secretary, and protection of a security guard rolled into one, easy-to-install  monitoring system.  That’s what DefenDoor is, a universal home-security system that connects to your smartphone to make protecting your home of office easier than ever.


Glate, a home security company, designed DefenDoor.  It acts as a doorbell, camera, motion sensor, and alarm system.  It can be used individually, inside or outside, or with the company’s Vibration and Motion sensors.  The device sends alerts to your smartphone within seconds of recognition.


It can be used for a number of things, such as seeing who’s at your door, even if you’re not home.  You can check to see if the delivery man has dropped off your package or the if the mailman has stopped by.  With DefenDoor watching for you, you will always know what’s going on and be in control of the situation.


DefenDoor attaches to any surface, it offers around-the-clock surveillance, it’s wireless, and waterproof.  When a visitor approaches the DefenDoor unit, the device snaps a picture of the scene and sends a snapshot straight to the homeowner’s smartphone.  It can sync with Motion Sensors and allows the camera to turn itself on and off at the right time.  When the sensor detects movement, it will activate the camera’s functions immediately and also alert your phone. DefenDoor will be available with a starting price of $119.

DefenDoor: A Home Security System That Syncs With Your Phone

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