Desolenator Uses Sunlight To Purify Water

The quest for clean, drinkable water for families in many countries is not a new problem.  A new, innovative design for clean drinking water just might be on its way with the Desolenator, a device that purifies water from any source and with the power of the sun alone.


The Desolenator, a new solar-powered device uses nothing but sunlight to turn polluted or salty water into enough drinking water for a small family. It resembles a flat screen television with a slanted surface covered by photovoltaic panels.   Water heats up on the solar panel until its boiling and then the device uses the electricity from the solar panel to boil it more.  The vapour is pure and safe to drink, while salt and heavy metals like arsenic are filtered out.  The company claims that the Desolenator is more dependable than traditional desalination systems that rely on osmosis.


“Other devices produce more water, but they are significantly more expensive, and they require quite a bit of maintenance and consumables,” says Desolenator’s CEO William Janssen.  It’s designed for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who lack easy access to drinking water.  The current price is $450, but the company is working on bringing the cost down and plans to work with microfinance and leasing plans to make it attainable.  It also hopes to work with non-profit organizations and the government for distribution.

desolenator2 desolenator4

The team has launched a massive funding project so they can start offering their system to the general public.  Having already secured the patent for their technology, the team is working to get Desolenator in the backyards of families across India and Africa, as well as other water stresses areas and in schools.

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