Development Initiative 2019

In this development initiative, we'll be focusing on programming content. We'll introduce you to the latest tech with our coding tutorials

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our Development Initiative 2019, where we’ll all code together!

Hope you are all doing great. Well, its been around 6 years since A Geeky World started and over time, we’ve established a community of amazing geeky fans! So this is for you guys!!

Starting now, We’ll be adding development posts to our blog. These development posts can be related to anything from web applications to mobile applications to native applications. We’ll take your queries and will help you to the best of our ability.

I am a Computer Science Graduate and work as a Back End Engineer in an amazing startup! My core focus has been developing Web Applications and complex Back Ends. I am currently working on LAMPP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL) Stack in Codeigniter Applications. Over the past 3-4 years, I’ve meddled with different technologies and have learned quite some bits about all of them.

This blog will serve as a channel from our end and would love your participation and collaborations. I’ve some topics in mind and will be starting from those topics! You guys are more than welcome to suggest topics in the comments and I’ll try my level best to cover them in the future.

Currently Planned Topics for the Development Initiative:

  • Docker for Development
  • React JS State Management & Props
  • CodeIgniter – Mini Series
    • Core tutorials
    • Third Party API Integrations
    • REST API Development
  • Raspberry Pi 4 – Hands on
  • Flutter – A Working Demo
  • Resources – A blog post to list out all the best development resources.

Development Initiative 2019

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