Dino Tomic Creates Realistic Pencil Drawings

Dino Tomic is a young Croatian tattoo artist based in Norway who demonstrates his impressive talent with realistic drawings. He explores a wide range of styles by using sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other fictional themes as his themes.

dinotomic19 dinotomic18 dinotomic17 dinotomic16 dinotomic15

Tomic gives up and coming artists some advice, “The best way you can learn is to copy/study others’ work,” is what he says. He also states “While you do that, you create your own style. You learn a thing from one artist and something else from someone else.”

dinotomic14 dinotomic13 dinotomic11 dinotomic10 dinotomic9

When Dino Tomic is not tattooing people, he spends his time making detailed pencil drawings. He also adds one more inspiring thought. “Pablo Picasso says it all:  All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

dinotomic8 dinotomic7 dinotomic6 dinotomic5 dinotomic4 dinotomic3 dinotomic2 dinotomic1

Even though tattooing is his passion, we’re sure these drawing have left you in awe.  Your first impression when you look at these drawings is whether they have been digitally manipulated….Wow!! is all we have to say.


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