Disney princesses dress up as their favorite heroines

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The Disney princesses get into the Halloween spirit in a series of pictures by Isaiah K Stephens. Stephens dresses each lady up as a battle-ready heroine.

Ariel as Black Widow,

Mulan as Xena,

Snow White as Wonder Woman,

Jasmine as Chun-li,

Tiana as Avatar Korra,

Aurora as Daenerys Targaryen,

Pocahontas as Katniss Everdeen,

Rapunzel as Sailor Moon,

Belle As Hermione Granger,

Merida as Rogue,

He’s planning a second set, dressing up Alice, Kida, Megara, Jane Porter, Tinkerbell, Charlotte La Bouff, Esmeralda, and Sally. You can find more here.

Basil Rafiq

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