DrinkPure: Water Filtration Made Easy

Whether you’re out on an adventure, hiking, or traveling abroad, you don’t have to worry about clean drinking water ever again.  ETH zurich student Jeremy Nussbaumer has developed a water filtration device that brings clean water to areas where it’s most needed.  DrinkPure,  a membrane system that removes bacteria and other contaminants from water so that it is drinkable.


The purifying effect of the ‘DrinkPure’ water filter is achieved through three steps: 1) the dirty water passes through a pre-filter, extracting any plant debris and dirt, 2) it then goes through a layer of activated carbon where chemicals, heavy metals and odors are retained, 3) finally, a lining successfully holds bacteria as a result of homogenous pore size distribution in the film.


‘DrinkPure’ will solve many global issues that we face today.  Dirty water kills 3.4 million people each year.  780 million people in the world don’t have access to clean water.  Water quality is a rising global issue due to the increasing population.  This efficient way to clean water is exactly what this world needs.  The filter is compatible with any plastic bottle available globally.  You just screw it on and it’s ready for filtration.  drinkpure3There are many advantages of the DrinkPure water filter.  The use of a plastic bottle as a water tank reduces having to carry around anything too heavy and impractical which in return will assure the quick supply of drinking water to population in remote areas.  Since this water filtration device is so easy to use it requires no instructions and due to the simple production process DrinkPure water filters can be produced locally.  In the long run we don’t see any disadvantages at all.drinkpure4

When you’re abroad you don’t have to wonder whether you can drink the tap water or not.  With DrinkPure you can stay safe, avoid getting sick and the best thing is that it fits easily into your suitcase.  When you’re away from civilization, on a camping trip or hiking up an adventure DrinkPure is a great companion.  Any way you look at it the DrinkPure filtration system just might be the solutions to many problems we face today.


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