Drop The Heaviest Beats With This Wooden Amplifier For Smartphone

Trobla is a wooden amplifier for smartphones.  You’ll be able to set the mood wherever you go.   We’ve all put our phones in a glass cup to boost the sound.  Trobla offers a far more stylish was to get the desired result.

trobla10 trobla9 trobla6 trobla5

The amplifier comes in walnut and maple woods, has several adapter blocks to fit a range of major smartphones, and has been designed with a conical center for the best resonance.  The best part of it all is that the amplifier doesn’t use an y wires or batteries.  As long as your phone is charged up, Trobla can be used anywhere.  The Trobla speaker comprises of a system of detachable pieces that can be easily interchanged to fit different generations of iPhones and other smartphones.  The speaker uses a cone form to keep tones sharp and has a special chamber that enhances the stereophony and low frequencies.trobla2

trobla8 trobla7 trobla4 trobla1

Trobla is designed by Slovenian furniture makers, Tok Tok, who work exclusively with wood.   The word trobla means horn in the Slovenian language.  It’s lightweight and can easily be thrown into your bag, so you can create sweet sound wherever you go.  The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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