Dying Dog’s Bucket List Adventure

A dog is not just a pet, it’s a family member.  New Yorker Lauren Fern Watt had no intention of treating her beloved Gizelle, a 160 pound English mastiff as anything else.  Coping with saying goodbye to an animal companion is a horrible experience for pet lovers.  When Watt, a travel writer and public relations professional, found out her beloved dog had terminal bone cancer, she decided to spend those last months memorable.  She created a bucket list and took her pet on an adventure.

Ride in a Canoe

Paying homage to their favourite movie “The Little Mermaid” Watt took Gizelle to Central Park to ride in a boat.  It was tough to get the pup into a canoe, but when a light breeze picked up, Gizelle plunked her head on the side of the canoe while they floated across the water.


See Times Square

Like most New Yorkers, Gizelle and Watt didn’t like Times Square much, but that being said, it’s still a famous New York City landmark.  They went there at 6:45 in the morning before all the hustle and bustle began.  As Gizelle stood at the famous intersection, they realized…It was magical.


Cook Lobster in Maine

The two travelled all the way to Well’s Beach in Maine to find two perfect lobsters.  Watt cooked the lobsters at a friend’s house and fed Gizelle hot buttered lobster chunks with a fork.


Eat Ice Cream on a Dock

Watt made it her mission to find a quiet dock where Gizelle could have an ice cream, watch the boats float by, and enjoy.  No trendy gelato or fancy flavours, just basic vanilla which they both loved.


Road Trip

Since Gizelle loved the car, her owner along with best friend went on a four day girls only road trip through New England, with no particular destination in mind.


Cuddle as much as possible

Though Gizelle was much bigger than her owner cuddling was her favourite pastime.  Gizelle taught Watt that love is the most wonderful gift anyone could receive and her lap became her desired seat.


Spend a whole day at Washington Square Park

The two spent an entire day at Washington Square Park in downtown NYC.  They met many different people from all walks of life.


Go to a Party

Gizelle and Watt always went to parties together.  At this party there were 19 adorable single dogs on the invite list.  Gizelle and the cute blonde, Auggie are clearly flirting here.


Yummy doughnuts!!!

As Gizelle go sicker, her appetite began to disappear, so when Watt found out about a family owned doughnut store, Congdon’s donuts, they went on a quest to find it.  They were the freshest doughnuts ever.  They two sat in the grass and ate the whole box.


Meet Santa

2014 would be Gizelle’s last Christmas, Watt’s wanted her to meet Santa.  Instead of Santa, they came across three pug Santa’s helpers.


Sit on the beach in the winter

Though the vet told Watt that Gizelle would not make it until Christmas, in January they sat by the ocean in Maine as it snowed.


“Part of me wondered if this was her plan all along, to take me on an adventure, knowing we’d end up on a deserted beach alone.  It was then that I realized that I was okay with letting Gizelle go.  I knew she would live on through my experiences, and that I gave her the best life I could and that to me was infinitely healing” says Watt.


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