Esington Glass Productivity Timer

We all need to motivated at some point in our lives and this unique, simple, and elegant product will do just that.   It’s called the Esington Glass, created by Rudy Marsh, and it helps you become more productive.


The Esington Glass helps you develop a timeboxing habit.  What is timeboxing?  Basically it allocates a fixed time period to each planned activity, especially used by project management teams.  Each Esington Glass is hand blown from a single piece of glass, making each vessel unique.  Visually it’s beautiful to look at.  It’s filled with millions of solid steel nano-spheres.  As the spheres bounce around the glass chaotically, they produce a wonderful white noise.  They are quality checked for finish and filled by hand for accurate timing.  With one at your disposal, you get to force yourself to focus on a single task until your time runs out.


The Esington Methos uses the Esington Glass as the timer and boils down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Turn off all distractions
  2. Turn over the glass to activate the 3 cues
  3. Work on a single task until your time runs out


The unique combination of cues help you to train you initial habit, lower the activation energy required to form the habit.  The three cues are:

  1. Tactile: The unusual shape and smooth, solid glass sends a unique tactile signal.
  2. Visual: A unique and stunning piece of are that visually encourages engagement.
  3. Aural: The sound of millions of steel nanoshperes is a gentle white noise, signalling the brain to start the habit cycle.


The Esington Method trains your brain to go into “hyperfocus” mode when the above cues are activated.  Once the 25 minutes are up, you are filled with a sense of accomplishment and rewarded with a break.  Studies show that ‘breaks’ increase quality, quantity and creativity of your work.  Prototypes are ready and so are the manufacturers.  For $43 you will get one Esington Glass 25 minute timer and for $78, you’ll get two.

You can checkout the Kickstarter campaign over here.

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