EVA: The Smart Showerhead

We waste the most water while taking long showers.  As you have noticed there are a ton of smart products out there.  A majority of these products are not really useful.  Let’s add one more product to the list: Eva- The world’s first smart shower device that savs water without compromising your shower experience.



The main goal of Eva is to offer users a great shower while cutting down on water usage, almost 50%.  The Eva acts like a thermostat and learns the user’s preferences over time.  It also comes loaded with a unique sensor system that changes the flow of water based on your position.  When the water reaches the desired temperature the shower head automatically notifies you that it’s time to enter the shower and shuts down the water flow until it detects your presence.     When you’re standing directly underneath the shower head, the water flow remains at 100%.  As you step back to shampoo or scrub, Eva throttles the flow down to 70%.  As you step further back to perhaps shave your legs, it throttles the flow down even further to around 40%.   Eva also reminds you to step out of the shower if you’re taking too long.  It is all controlled by a smartphone app.  The app tracks your water usage, habits and savings; providing you with valuable information that can help you learn and conserve even more.



The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) say the average shower is 8 minutes long and uses about 70 liters of water.  It really adds up especially when you think of all the drought hit areas.  The device fits most shower attachments.  If you pre-order the Eva it’ll cost you $89 but once the early bird deals are gone it will cost $149.  If everything goes as planned, the smart shower heads are expected to be delivered by December of next year.


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