2014 has Some Peculiar Celestial Delights in Store for Us

Celestial Events 2014

New Year kicked off with Dubai making a debut when it comes to fireworks and stole the title from Kuwait with its New Year celebrations. However, we are not concerned with how it kicked off but rather about what it holds for all of us. Are you all fascinated by stars and astronomical events? We thought so! So we went ahead and compiled a list of sky events, the top 5, that will be occurring in 2014 and once you’ve read this post you’ll have ample time to make sure that you enjoy these spectacular sightings. The celestial events range from the disappearance of moon to meteor showers (Kal-El coming, maybe? ) and will be majestic to say the lease.

5. Sun, where art thou?

Solar EclipseWe will kick off our list with the solar eclipse, partial, but still a sight to see. 23rd October, 2014 will bring a sight to see which will be visible to North America at 9:46 p.m. GMT. Researchers have calculated percentages of eclipse which will be visible to different cities; Vancouver – 65%, San Francisco-50%, Denver-55%, Toronoto-44% and New York-15%. Fingers crossed for this event!

4. The meeting of the Brightest

Meeting of The BrightestWhich planets are the brightest in our sky? For those of you who do not know, they are Venus and Jupiter. 2014 will bring us with a spectacular opportunity to see these two brightest planets come really close. To be exact, the researchers are speculating that these two planets will be within 20 arc minutes which comes out to be about 2/3rd the width of a full moon. This celestial delight will be visible on 18th and 19th August at dawn in Southern Hemisphere. Do Not miss this one out folks.

3. Moon Partying

Moon Partying 2Seems like as if the Moon wants to party during 2014. It will be grouping up with other planets and stars twice during 2014 and will be providing us with quite a celestial delight. The first ‘meeting’ is scheduled for 5th July, 2014 when Moon shall be visiting Mars and blue-white star Spica in the Southwest sunset sky. For the Southern Hemisphere the meeting will be visible on 6th July, 2014 and this will be live telecast for Northeast sky on 7th July, 2014.

The second occurrence shall be seen on 31st August, 2014 when another pattern shall rise with Moon, Mars and Saturn at dusk. This view will be visible with simple binoculars as well.

2. Here comes Kal-El, or not…

Meteor ShowerAlrighty then, now we are staring at a meteor shower which might bring aliens to our planet. Just kidding! However, if we do get lucky Earth might make its way through the Comet 209P/LINEAR’s dust trail during 2014 and as a result of this we shall be experiencing a Meteor shower. According to the predictions; shooting stars at a rate of 100-400 per hour will be visible on 23rd and 24th May, 2014. Apart from that the forecast says that the conditions to observe the Meteor shower are ideal with a crescent moon dawning during the specified dates.

1. Disappearing Act of Moon

Lunar EclipseFirst thing first; the disappearance of moon shall be talked about. 2014 will provide you with two opportunities to witness a complete lunar eclipse. According to scientists before dawn of April 15th, 2014 the moon shall be engulfed by Earth’s shadow as our beloved planet will make its way between Sun and Moon. This whole parade will be visible from Western Hemisphere which includes both South and North America. A bit of sad news; this eclipse will not be visible for our readers who reside in Northern and Eastern Europe, Eastern Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.

The second chance to witness this will rise on 8th October, 2014 when a lunar eclipse, complete, will allow people from Pacific Ocean to witness this great sight. Again, only the Northwest part of North America will have access to the complete event. This event will not be available for residents of Europe, Africa or Middle East.

Here’s a video of complete Celestial events for 2014!

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2014 has Some Peculiar Celestial Delights in Store for Us

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