EverBlock Is A Supersized Lego For Commercial Use

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Arnon Rosan is an investor and entrepreneur based in New York City. His vast array of experiences includes modular plastic flooring, fencing and roadway systems with military and disaster relief applications for his products. He is also an innovator and has now come up with a potentially ingenious idea that could change the way we look at building systems.

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EverBlock is essentially a collection of oversized Lego block. Everyone loves building with their own imagination running wild using Lego blocks. Ronan has used this idea and taken it to a whole new level, with applications of EverBlock ranging from modular furniture, to dividing walls and even habitable shelter. All this can be managed without any glue or special tools.

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As any Lego block, the EverBlock consists of a plastic block with protruding nubs and corresponding sockets. The blocks fit right in with the application of a little force and can be disassembled using something as simple as a plane-headed screwdriver for leverage.

Structures like tables, chairs, shelves and other assorted furniture can be easily built using these durable blocks. To take your EverBlock to the next level, you can reinforce it with PVC rod reinforcements and decorate your EverBlock dividing walls with LED lighting strips and tubes.

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As many as four different sizes of EverBlock are offered by the company. The sizes include full-size 12 x 6-in (30 x 15 cm) block, a half-size 6 x 6-in (15 x 15 cm) block, a 3 x 6-in (7.5 x 15 cm) quarter-block and a smooth finishing cap to be placed at the top. A number of different shapes for different parts of a build like roofing and flooring are in the process of development.

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This type of modular construction can potentially have many commercial applications, especially in disaster relief and temporary military shelters. One hindrance can be their lack of insulation but Rosan insists that EverBlock would offer superior protection to most tents and heat and air conditioning could be provided within the shelter.

“There is a strong need for rapidly deployable rigid shelters that transport compactly and efficiently yet provide durability and a more substantial feel,” says Rosan. “While tents are great, having a rigid block wall offers a greater level of protection and prevents unauthorized entry.”

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While he admits that they haven’t sold any block for military or relief use yet, but he remains positive and believes that it’s only a matter of time before such orders are received. EverBlock is also relatively easy on the pocket considering the alternatives present in the market. A single full-size block costs around $7.25 while a bulk pack of 18 would cost $125.10.

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EverBlock Is A Supersized Lego For Commercial Use

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