Facebook Down Along With WhatsApp, Instagram, & Messenger!

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Hello there, we are sure you are also experiencing trouble accessing your social media accounts today. It turns out that Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are all facing issues since this morning all over the world. It seems that the world has become a dark and lonely place where you are unable to use your favorite apps.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, & Messenger Are Down!

Facebook and Instagram are both notaccessible as of this moment. The newsfeed is refusing to refresh while themain domain of Facebook, Facebook.com, remains unavailable. Users are not ableto send or receive WhatsApp messages.

Many users are taking to Twitter toshare their frustration. Facebook’s chatting service, Messenger, is also down.The outage began around 630 AM ET this morning.

Facebook Down Again!

We witnessed such an outage about amonth ago as well. The outage lasted for twenty-four hours before Facebook gavethe green light and told that the outage was because of a ‘server configurationchange’.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, & Messenger Are Down!

There is no update from Facebook asof right now. Some responses from Twitter users capture the frustration thatusers are going through. One user wrote, ‘Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp DOWN. Ifeel handless.’ Another has stated, ‘FacebookDown – seems to be fairlycatastrophic. Can’t even load the page to log in.’

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, & Messenger Are Down!

There Is Still Hope Though!

We are waiting for an update and shall provide you with one as soon as we have any news. However, we would suggest that you make the use of this opportunity for disconnecting from your social media for some time. Use this time to meditate or talk to your family. You can also go out and take a walk in the park. The point that we are trying to get across is that you should not rely on social media to run your day. Take charge and indulge yourself in other activities while Facebook tries to fix the issue and bring its servers back up!

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