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Speed thrills, we all know that and it is in human nature to go faster! Well, we have the perfect car for you by Venturi Automobiles. Engineering and science both are achieving new wonders with the help of each other. One makes new advances into the laws and how they can be used while the other steps up to the challenge and applies it. What we have today is something that has been made possible by the contribution of science and engineering both.

Record Breaking Electric Car-1Monegasque car maker Venturi Automobiles in collaboration with Ohio State University’s Centre for Automotive Research established the new FIA world speed record for electric vehicles in 2010 when VBB-2.5 attained a top speed of 307.58 mph (495 km/h).

Now through their 3rd generation Venturi Buckeye Bullet VBB-3, Venturi Automobiles and Ohio State University aims to break their own record by reaching the speeds of up to 372.82mph (600km/h) in 2013, followed by 434.96 mph (700 km/h) in 2014 and enhancing that yet again in 2015.

Record Breaking Electric Car-3Roger Schroer, a test driver at the Transportation Research Center in Ohio, will once again be the man to attempt the record run at the FIA electric vehicle world speed record which are going to take place in on September 12 and 18, 2013. He was also the driver for the VBB-2.5 when it established the existing record.

The VBB-3 will become the most powerful and fastest electric car in the world with up to 2237kW (3000 horsepower) and 2800Nm of torque achieved by its twin electric motors (one on each axle). The electric car’s carbonfibre/aluminium honeycomb fused tub is wrapped around by an 11.64m-long carbonfibre skin. The drag co-efficient of Venturi VBB-3 is 0.13 and has a total weight of 3.2 tons (the batteries of the electric car account for half of that weight).

Record Breaking Electric Car-2Venturi Automobiles and OSU will nickname the car “Jamais Contente” after Camille Jenatzy, the Belgian driver who in 1899 became the first person in history to break the 62mph (100km/h) barrier and died  in a hunting accident on April 29, 1899 while driving an all-electric car called “La Jamais Contente”. Venturi and Ohio State University, marking the hundredth anniversary of his death, are paying tribute to Camille Jenatzy by dedicating him the record attempt.

Video of VBB-2.5

Video of VBB-3 Construction:

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Faster – Record Breaking Electric Car

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