FINALLY!!-The iPhone6 and 6 Plus Unveiled

iPhone 6 unveiled 6

Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!  It’s finally happening, the event we’ve all been waiting for. It’s one of the biggest days in all of the tech world and as you read this millions of eager iPhone fans around the world are waiting impatiently to find out all about the new iPhone 6. Live action is currently underway at the Flint Center, Cupertino, California.

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The event started at 1 p.m. ET.  Apple will be broadcasting the event live online and on Apple TV. Besides watching it on TV, you can watch the event using Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Soon we’ll know everything that we’ve been speculating about for the past few months about the iPhone 6. Let’s summarize a bit if you will. Today’s event will unveil the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.  Also a new Apple smart watch will be announced. The new iOS 8 will most likely be available to download for your Apple devices immediately. Wow!! This event is probably up there with the likes of the Oscars.

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Apple says that the new iPhone 6 processor is almost 50 times faster than the original iPhone. There’s a new 64-bit chip called the Apple A-8 powering the iPhones. iOS now comes with a “desktop quality scaler” to make old apps work for the new, larger displays. These features are going to make iPhone fans go absolutely crazy. There are now keys that are dedicated to cut, copy, and paste. Apple sure is making life easy for us simple folk.  iPhone 6 unveiled 10 iPhone 6 unveiled 5 iPhone 6 unveiledThe rumors are now confirmed, the iPhone 6 screen is bigger and then more bigger. The two screen sizes are 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches and they are pretty thin, only 6.9 and 7.1 mm thick. Another great feature we just found about is Apple Pay, a new payment process in which you eliminate those long shopping lines.

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As we all know there have many leaks which we have been following closely, and we would say the leaks have been pretty credible. We know they’ll be two phones, two different sizes, but what are the advantages of the bigger screens. Will Apple put a larger, more powerful battery into the 5.5 inch phone? We’ll soon know. The bigger screen will definitely be a plus point for those fans who do a lot of reading on the phone.  iPhone 6 unveiled 12 iPhone 6 unveiled 13There will also be a new, better megapixel camera, with something called “Focus Pixels”, a fast autofocus feature used in high end cameras.

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We’ve also heard about a smart watch being announced.  There’s no guarantee it will be called iWatch, but there’s a good chance it will tell the time and strap onto your wrist. Now, the new iOS 8 has some really cool features. The notifications are easier to use, you can add voice messages to iMessage, Spotlight is better, you’ll have quick access to your favorite contacts, there will be a new HealthKit to keep you up to date with your vitals, and something called Family Sharing will allow you to share photos, calendars, and reminders.

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So our advice to you all is get in line now because 10 days from now when the iPhone 6 will be ready for sales you don’t want to be two blocks away.  Happy iShopping!!


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FINALLY!!-The iPhone6 and 6 Plus Unveiled

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