Learning the Emoticons Language

Smartphones and access to Internet has brought us all together and most of us are 24/7 in contact with our friends and family. This has led to the evolution of Internet language of which emoticons are a crucial component. In fact, according to Harvard scientists Steven Pinker, they’re a highly beneficial linguistic evolution.Find Out What Every Emoticon Means

Here’s another fact for you, the Oxford English Dictionary named ‘crying face’ the word of the year 2015. Wow, these facts sure are fun and hence, here’s another; we are sending a total of about 6 billion emoticons about every day. The emoticons can be used anywhere online and now even in text that we write (informal, of course). This brings us to another dilemma; where can we learn emoticons and how to use them? Sure, we all have access to them but what do they all mean?

So, folks, A Geeky World has come up with definitions of all the emoticons and you can check it out below!Find Out What Every Emoticon Means 2
Do let us know if this helped you and if you have other emoticons to add to this list!


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