Finnjet Is A Limousine Worth $1 Million

Antii Rahko is a 72 year old chauffeur originally from Finland.  In 1984 he immigrated to the United States and settled in Palm Beach, Florida.  For ten years he took various parts from various vehicles such as parts of a 1962 Chrysler Imperial , a couple of Mercedes Benz station wagons, and 40 other car parts.  Once he put all of it together, he had built a 7,500 pound, 29 meter long limousine that he named Finnjet.

finnjet limo3 finnjet limo4

It’s a giant limousine that made heads turn at the Essen Motor Show in Essen, Germany, not just for its huge size, but because it’s made completely out of junk scraps.  This amazing car includes 86 projectors, 36 mirrors and three rechargeable batteries.  The Finnjet limousine also has televisions, refrigerators, 2 air conditioning systems, a microwave, a kitchen stove and a sauna to allow 10 passengers at a time to enjoy the luxury.  It relies on two jet engines, three batteries, and three alternators to keep running on the motorways.

finnjet limo5 finnjet limo2

Recently, the car was appreciated at the Art Car Parade competition in Houston.  It won first prize there.  The car was secured with the million dollar insurance policy.  The most interesting feature flaunted by the car is that despite all of the luxury, it offers an economical ride.  The car gives a mileage of 25mpg.  The dual wheel axle is powered by Mercedes turbo diesel power plant.  The car had 8 wheels in total which make the drive around corners easy.  The car looks delicate but it’s quite tough.  The designer is planning to sell the car and it won’t be cheap.  You can think of owning the car if you are ready to spend $950,000.

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