Flame Angel Light – “The In-Depth Color Experience”

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It’s not just a flash light; its one with a uniquely durable design, quality beam and a long lasting life span to accompany you on a lifetime of adventures!

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Australian startup SeaLatern has design these state of the art LED lights with some awesome specifications!

Flame Angel Light, its name inspired by Flame Angelfish of the Pacific ocean is a waterproof flash light (up to 300 meters deep), is a versatile, GoPro compatible, video and sport light.

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For videographers and photographers who demand an even spread of light which imitates natural daylight, the video model of Flame Angel is equipped with a perfect LED, “to deliver just the right mix of colour to make your memories vibrant”. It relies on an aperture design to spread a wide, bright and even beam free from hot spots.

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Usable for many adventures! Biking, diving, camping and hunting. Its tail stand capability, mounting options, compact size and extreme light output make it a suitable companion for sports fans. The sport version utilizes a reflector to focus the LED for greater distance penetration.  Its reflector is optically engineered to shape the LED beams; machined from 6061 Aluminum and micro polished, optimum optical efficiency is achieved by this variation of the Flame Angel Light.

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The light comes in three different materials: “..alloys to stand up to the physical demands of an adventurous lifestyle lasting you many years” – Aluminium, Austenite and Magnesium, which is a limited, exclusive collector’s version!

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For the lens, “Borosilicate was selected for its superior optical, mechanical, and thermal properties”. The model comes with a removable mount; use it handheld, or with your GoPro camera.

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The Flame Angel is powered by a lithium ion cell battery, with a  12.6Wh capacity; rechargeable from any USB port using the included USB cable.

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A unique “PPEC+” switch, an innovative technology by SeaLatern, has been designed for the Flame Angel, that is completely solid state, has zero moving parts and thus eliminates weak points for leaks, o-ring wear, water, sand and debris ingression.

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Creator of the Flame Angel sums up his inspiration to create a powerful light such as the Flame Angel like this: “I didn’t want to make just another flashlight however – anyone can do that. Instead I set out to make a great light, which shatters that little uncertainty in the back of your mind, whether the light will perform or not when you need it most. This required a new way of thinking and a new technology. Flame Angel was built for the confidence you get from a well engineered product, and the reassurance that she’ll perform flawlessly and effortlessly no matter where you go or how harsh you treat her. Not only did we make Flame Angel sexier, brighter and more versatile than most, but we also gave her the ability to go much deeper than what any scuba diver dares to go, to bring that colour back to your memories and to empower your adventures, above and below the water”.

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FlameAngel launches on Kickstarter on Wednesday 25 March at 6am AEST. With enough backing, the product is set to launch in August 2015. For the love of adventure, back this powerful light and enjoy amazing offers from the creators!

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Flame Angel Light – “The In-Depth Color Experience”

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