Flyte Is A New Light Bulb That Can Levitate In Air

We all like to imagine serene backdrops to our perfect vacations. The sound of an ocean lapping in the distance, cool breeze caressing the skin and  soft, flickering lights seal this heart softening scenario. It is hard to install an ocean a few miles from home, and the breeze is the nature’s prerogative, but what about the lights? That seems to be in our hands, so gear up to have half a vacation right in your living room.

Flyte - The Levitating Bulb (2)

This levitating bulb creates an amazing lightscape, apart from the very wonder of its flight. Rightly so, designer Simon Morris calls it Flyte – The Levitating Bulb. Working on the principle of magnetic levitation, it goes a step further and uses wireless charging via induction to light up a space into an artsy enclosure. Quite an amazing gadget, isn’t it?

Flyte - The Levitating Bulb (1)

Morris was always fascinated by hovering objects, and has worked on levitating displays for shoes, speakers and skateboards etc. His newest passion was to create a levitating bulb, so he got to work.

Flyte is an LED sourced bulb, fitted with a wireless power receiver and electromagnet. It comes with a wooden box housing another electromagnet and a power transmitter to wirelessly charge the bulb. Both the magnets repel each other, and so magnetic levitation is born by virtue of which Flyte serenely floats atop its base. The LED can be turned off and on through a capacitative touch sensor, while the levitation may continue in either state.

Flyte - The Levitating Bulb (2)

The body of this masterpiece was designed in Sweden, and comes in oak, ash and walnut. The LEDs used are rated at 50,000 hours, so Flyte’s light should last up to 6 years if used all day everyday! The base can also be used as a wireless smartphone charger (with the help of third party accessories).

Flyte - The Levitating Bulb (5)

Morris is looking towards crowdfunding through Kickstarter to fund the production of Flyte. Given its design and technology, Flyte comes fairly expensive, costing US$249 if you pledge now. The purpose of Flyte, clearly, is ambiance alone, and it is a piece of art that came to fruition through science. With another 4 days to go for the campaign, Flyte is already a hit, backing US$561,817 off its mere US$80,000 goal. A successful campaign will ensure it is on the market by October 2015, and levitating on your bedside a day later!

Flyte - The Levitating Bulb (4)

Flyte - The Levitating Bulb (6)

Flyte - The Levitating Bulb (1)

Source: Kickstarter

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