Found GoPro Reveals Incredible Footage of The Earth As Seen From The Edge of Space

Call it luck, coincidence or simply a miracle, but a GoPro camera that had been lost for over two years has been found with all its incredible footage intact. Back in 2013, a group of students from the Stanford University launched a GoPro camera attached to a weather balloon to the very edge of space. It was planned to reach the stratosphere at a height of about 19 miles and parachute down to earth. The balloon also hosted a pre-programmed phone that would send a specific signal to the students to locate the camera and the phone easily, once they had landed on earth.

However, no such signal was ever received and the students simply thought that they had programmed the phone wrong or miscalculated the trajectory of the fall and that all the incredible footage captured by the camera would never surface again. All that was set to change in a heavenly turn of luck when an AT&T employee discovered the camera in the wilderness during one of his hikes. The amazing footage captured was not destroyed and the employee tracked the original owners of the camera and the phone using the memory card. And it had captured some amazing views. Here are some of them.

found go pro space footage 2

found go pro space footage 3

One of the students took to reddit to explain the behavior of the programmed phone. In fact, the programming was spot on, the only problem was that the phone had landed in area with no network coverage and could not send any sort of signal even if it wanted to.

The balloon was launched near the Grand Canyon in Nevada, USA and the GoPro captured some absolutely stunning shots of the earth during its 30 minute fall from the edge of space. Here is the video as uploaded by one of the participants in the project, Bryan Chan, on YouTube:

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