G-pod Has Unveiled ‘Dwell’, a Shipping Container Home

We all love huge, gorgeous, mansions, especially if we can afford one, but when you have to clean and maintain a house of that size you wish you lived in a one bedroom apartment. Hong Kong and Australia based company, G-pod has introduced the ultimate solution to living and work accommodation in remote or sensitive environments.

G-Pod Dwell

G-pods are strong and comfortable, require low maintenance and provide quality internal and external spaces for multiple applications. Using the standard shipping container structure, the company has created a home that is efficient and affordable to maximize space.  It has a combination of pull-out sections and spacious fold-down cover deck to quickly create a luxurious living environment anywhere you choose.  The G-pod container expands into an area nearly 3 times its original size.  It can be a home, holiday home, office, café, retail shop, restaurant, additional room/bedroom, or just a space to relax and unwind.

G-Pod Dwell 2

G-pod’s new shipping container home called Dwell has everything a traditional home can offer. It takes only 3 hours to unpack from shipping container to home and another three hours to be ready for transport again.  It doesn’t require more than one person to transform this container into living area.  Manually pushing different areas of the container will do the trick.  It is quite small but has all the necessities such as a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, bed and couch, study, and laundry area.  The furniture is made of bamboo so it’s durable.

G-Pod Dwell 3 G-Pod Dwell 4 G-Pod Dwell 5

Additions to the Dwell include a rainwater collection system, composting toilet, and solar panel which can allow the container based home to operate for up to 3 days without sunlight. Insulation is also a concern but G-pod says they have insulated it in a way that should keep you covered in all weather conditions.gpod3

G-pod also sells the Pop, a shipping container-based unit that is intended to serve as a pop-up store. G-pod Dwell starts at US $49,000 and the G-pod Pop starts from US $19,000.  Due to the container format, existing logistical transport systems throughout the world are set up to handle the G-pod, so you can take your home or business anywhere with you.

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