Galloping Mechanical Horse takes the World by Storm!

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Adrian Landon is a metal sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York genetically infused with a love for horses. Son to a father who is a polo fan, and a grand father who is an equine vet, Landon takes his gift to sculpt metal horses for the world’s amusement and his passion.

Mechanical Horse (1)

Carrying his passion further, Landon decided to build a metal horse sculptor that could move – and he was not contended with shallow movement! He wanted his sculptor to move with the glory of a living horse.

Mechanical Horse (4)

The first model, designed on paper, didn’t quite stroke Landon’s expectations. Giving up pen and paper after a tiresome try, he set out to design his sculpture on a 3D CAD program. “It’s like inventing a car from scratch, and it definitely won’t be perfect the first time,” he says. The final version, he claims, is 10 times better than the original.

Mechanical Horse (8)

Mechanical Horse (7)

Mechanical Horse (5)

This horse is a mechanical sculptor and contains over 100 bearings, custom laser-cut sprockets, 30 feet (9 m) of chain, and 23 articulating joints.

Mechanical Horse (9)

Mechanical Horse (3)

Landon is pleased with giving the world a feel for the magnificent animals that horses are. “Horses have been in my family for generations. This relation that I have had the privilege to develop is what I seek to portray in my work, to give people, and not just horse people, a feel for something that they should know about, and by making this Mechanical Horse, I am taking it to the next level,” says Landon.

Mechanical Horse (6)

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