Garmin’s Varia Radar Warns Bikers Of What’s Following

When Ikubu Ltd dissolved into world renowned technology deliverer Garmin, who had acquired the right to their fancy Backtrader back in January; it was only a matter of time before it hit the market, revamped and retooled. Garmin’s Varia Rear View Bike Radar was announced as the month set and will be available for bikers across USA in the third quarter of this year. The Varia Radar also pairs up with Garmin’s Edge cycle computer swiftly, and will make an all-smart set with Garmin’s smart bike lights.

Garmin Varia Radar (4)

The Varia Radar is a rear light which scans for traffic behind a bicycle, with a range of up to 140 meters. The data is fed into the Edge system, or a standalone handlebar-mounted unit if you aren’t going for the full range of Garmin’s geeky gadgets, which warns the rider of approaching traffic by bleeps of colors and codes, showing up to 8 vehicles behind the bike.

Garmin Varia Radar (3)

The radar’s beam can be amped up considerably with the Edge GPS system – the beam will surf larger distances on the Varia bike light, at a faster speed. The Varia bike light itself is an adaptive gadget that works in tandem with the bike’s speed, ambient light and weather conditions. A Varia tail light fluctuates in its intensity to warn approaching motorist of the cycles speed and status. Both the smart lights adjust their brightness via the GPS unit’s ambient light sensor.

Garmin Varia Radar (2)

The products go on sale late in 2015. The Varia radar will cost $199.99, but pair it up with the handlebar display and $299.99 is the asking price. The smart lights are an additional $370.

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