Genetically Altered Bacteria Helps You Lose Fat by Suppressing Appetite

You’ll find internet flooded with posts and ads about how to lose weight and how to abolish fat. However, we all know that anyone who promises that you’ll lose considerable amount of fat in a month and look like a fitness model is lying to you. There is no road to fat loss except for the self control, conscious diet and regular work outs. According to a recent study, about 1/3rd of USA’s adult population falls in the category of obese. Obesity is a disease and a number of treatments have been suggested, but, they all had to be ceased because of the fact that they had major side effects. However, scientists are quite hopeful with the recent discovery which pertains to picking a bacteria, that is almost harmless, modifying it a bit and then using it to work as a fat loss ‘drug’. Find that hard to believe? Believe it folks!Lose weight

A group of researchers have carried out quite an extensive research and even went on to perform tests on mice to monitor how this methodology affected them. The results, we are glad to tell, were a success. The team has come up with a genetically altered version of the E. coli bacteria that was administered to half of the mice. The results indicated that these mice gained less weight as compared to the mice without the genetically altered bacteria.

Genetically Altered Bacteria Helps You Lose Fat by Suppressing Appetite2So what the team did was that they selected a particular strain of the E. coli for the experiments and then brought in a gene from the Arabidopsis plant. This gene was added to trigger the bacteria into releasing hormones when the user’s body is processing fat. These hormones travel to the brain by making use of the bloodstream and tell the brain to stop eating and suppress the appetite.Genetically Altered Bacteria Helps You Lose Fat by Suppressing Appetite4 The mice were provided with high-fat meals with a specific schedule for 8 weeks. However, their meals were smaller when compared with other mice of the test. The result; treated mice ate less and subsequently gained less weight as compared to other half of the mice that were untreated. Apart from this, they tested lower for diabetes and insulin resistance as well. The good part, which scientists discovered, was the fact that these mice continued to benefit from the genetically altered bacteria even 4-6 weeks after it was administered to them.Genetically Altered Bacteria Helps You Lose Fat by Suppressing Appetite3

So, is this the miracle drug that we all have been waiting? Let us know what you think in the comments section and meanwhile before this procedure is ready for humans, you might want to check out the Fat Loss tips backed up by scientific research.

You can find the original research article here.


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