Give Your Dead Battery A Second Life With This Trick!!

As we all know, the energy crisis is an epidemic across the world.  Many countries revert to load shedding to fulfil the energy consumption.  The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) has become a popular tool to overcome power outages.  Even though it’s a cheaper alternative to buying generators, it also has its share of negative points.  The UPS is infamous for working well but only for a short span.  The batteries need to replaced every 2-3 years, to achieve good performance the UPS needs constant maintenance.  Buying a new battery can burn a deep hole in your pocket, but if you’re good at a little DIY, then here’s a tip to give a second life to your dead battery.

battery life trick2

Here’s what you’ll need; Epsom salt, distilled water, and safety equipment (gloves, goggles, masks).  Take two cups of distilled water, add 2/3 cups of Epsom add let boil.  Disconnect your battery from the UPS.  Cool the salt and water solution to room temperature and then pour it into the battery until the levels are full.  Place the caps back on and shake the battery.  This will allow the crystallized sulphation on the inside of the battery to break free and dissolve in the solution.  Charge the batter in a well ventilated area for 24 hours.  After fully charging the battery, connect it to a high energy device like a headlight and discharge it.  Charge the battery once again.  This should give the battery a little more juice.  Repeat this process when the battery begins to die again.

battery life trick battery life trick4 battery life trick3

The great part of this DIY project is that the two ingredients needed are not costly and a readily available at pharmacies or battery maintenance service providers.  Some chemists call Epsom salt, Magnesium Sulphate, so make sure you ask for both the names.  You will need to repeat the charging and uncharging process over and over again.  You will get the best performance out of your battery between 8-10 days.  So the next time you’re ready to replace your battery, think twice and use this trick.

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