GM’s new Cadillac Sedan to be Named CT6

Cadillac is calling its new hi-tech flagship sedan the CT6. This is the fullsize sedan that will be built at General Motors’ Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant starting in late 2015. The rear-drive car will be bigger than the XTS and will compete with the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.


The name, which may be confused initially with the midsize CTS, signals a “coming shift to a simplified naming convention for future Cadillac models,” GM said in a release. “CT” will designate car models in the future and the number 6 gives the relative size and hierarchy of the car. Under such a model, the XTS might become the CT5 in the future and an even larger model coming later this decade could become the CT7.   Cadillac hasn’t confirmed these future designations, but suggests that’s how the new naming system will be used.  The higher the number, the bigger and more expensive the car is. The car is the new, high technology car positioned at the top of its range.  The Cadillac CT6 will constitute an entirely new approach to the prestige sedan, emphasizing a dynamic driving experience and advanced technology.


GM’s CEO Mary Barra said that the 2017 model will launch ‘Super Cruise’ automated driving. Cadillac’s new president Johan de Nysschen has complained about current names.  He changed many of the vehicles’ names when he led Nissan’s Infinity luxury division.


The CT6’s new architecture will incorporate lightweight materials and new construction techniques. Cadillac anticipates the CT6 being the lightest sedan in its class. Aluminum will most likely be used and will also improve fuel economy.  The GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant was recently upgraded with CT6 specific tooling US$384 million was invested in the facility.  Since Cadillac has announced that we’ll be seeing this car in 2015 we will look out for it at next year’s North American International Auto Show or the New York Auto Show.

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