Go-e ONwheel Is An Electric Assist For Your Bicycle

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In addition to the completely electric bicycles which are very popular today, many gadgets have been introduced into the market to give your bike an electric assist. An example is the motorized wheel which uses the existing rear wheel on a bike. A more recent and advanced gadget by Go-e is the ONwheel which is a small addition to your bike.

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It is a small gadget placed at the bottom of your bike at the joint of the two chainstays, the place where the kick stand is by default. This means that in order to install this gadget, the kick stand will have to be moved back which Go-e offers to do as an option.

The ONwheel starts working as soon as the rider starts pedaling. The swing arm of the ONwheel automatically moves into place to press its spinning roller against the rear wheel, giving the rider a nice little boost. The magnitude of this boost can be controlled via the hard-wired handle bar control unit or via Bluetooth using the specialized smartphone app.

The app can be used to control the ONwheel’s power output and the maximum assisted speed that can be achieved. It ranges between 250W/25 km/h (16 mph) up to 800W/45 km/h (28 mph). Other information like the battery charge percentage and current speed are also displayed. There is also an option to lock the motor with a PIN when the bike is parked, giving it a nice little anti-theft touch.go-e on wheel 3

However, the motor can be manually removed easily within seconds which is the advisable thing to do. It can also be turned off if assistance isn’t required. The 850-gram (1.9-lb) motor and other components of the ONwheel are powered by a 25.2-volt 200-Wh lithium-ion battery pack, which can easily last for 60km (37 miles) of riding.

As the ONwheel is placed at the bottom of the bike, it is prone to get dirty and wet which is why it has been made water resistant and to clean it, you can simply wash it. However, to avoid breaking the gadget, deliberate jumps and bumps should be avoided.

If you want an electronic boost during your bike rides, you can pre-order the ONwheel through Go-e’s Kickstarter campaign. It will cost your around €499 (about US$568) and you can save significantly on the planned retail price of €599 ($682).


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Go-e ONwheel Is An Electric Assist For Your Bicycle

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