Goodyear’s BH03 Concept Tire Generates Electricity

Many people are weary of driving electric cars due to the fear of running out of charge in the middle of nowhere.  Conventional cars can go to a gas station that are abundantly available, but the same is not true for electric cars and their charging stations.  Goodyear, the tire company unveiled a new concept tire at the Geneva International Show which converts the heat it accumulates into energy that can power an electric car.

goodyear new tire design 1

The tire company has suggested a way of solving this problem via an innovative tire design.  This design allows the tire to generate electricity while the car is being driven or stationary.  It allows the user to have ‘back up’ energy apart from the main power supply.

goodyear new tire design 2

The tire is called the BH03, and it looks like the craziest tire you’ve ever seen.  Heat is collected into the tire in a number of ways.  This first is the simplest: black patches on the tires’s surface will absorb heat from the sun, especially when you leave your car in a hot parking lot.  The tire will also heat up from the effects of friction as you drive down the road.  It is also designed to capture the kinetic energy that results from the flexing of the tire as it moves.

goodyear new tire design 4 goodyear new tire design 3

Not many details have been released yet as to how this tire will achieve all that it boasts.  It will be interesting to see how engineers will connect all these different sources of electricity to just one battery efficiently.  We don’t know how long we’ll have to wait to have these questions answered since no release date has been announced so far.  Since this is just a concept for now, you’ll have to wait to see if the BH03 ever shows up at your local tire shop.

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