Many popular “.pk” domain names including Pakistani Google,, have been hijacked this saturday by a Turkish hacking group know as “EBOZ” as reported by local newspaper “The News” . These addresses had their DNS settings changed to point to two alternative name servers at Some of the websites are still displaying the messages from hackers at the time of writing as reported by the website

A list of around 110 hacked domains has been posted by a Pakistani programmer Irfan Ahmed, who provides the full figure on Twitter and notes that they are all administered by the San Francisco-based company MarkMonitor. TechCrunch points out that EBOZ has claimed responsibility for hundred of defacement since 2009. Along with simple English message “Pakistan Downed”, the group also offer two cryptic statements in turkish, the later translates into “Hello friends who are still alive not dead!”. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said that the search engine had been reconstructed and restored hours after the hackers attack. However, Google. Com international search engine has been working as usual.

** Original article from “The News”, 25th Nov,2012.


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