Google’s Project Soli Is The Future Of Gesture Control

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division, commonly known as ATAP, have introduced some pretty amazing and futuristic proposals before. But their new project caught everyone’s attention at the Google I/O. Called the Project Soli, it is very innovative and useful and it couldn’t come at a better time.Google Is Developing Project Soli – The Future Of Gesture Control 2

Basically it allows the users to control their devices with gestures without actually touching them. The smaller devices like the smartwatch are very difficult to use because the display is so small that it is blocked by your finger and you can’t actually see what you’re doing. Project Soli is a simple solution to this problem. It consists of a tiny chip that uses radar-based sensors that emit signals that can identify intensity, distance and motion. This makes the system able to understand gestures and different from the limited gesture control used in some smartphones.Google Is Developing Project Soli – The Future Of Gesture Control 4
The technology will surely not be limited to uses in the smartwatches only. It will be integrated into all the devices even without display, like the smart glasses or bracelets. The small size of the chip will get even smaller and enable such an integration into all wearable devices.Google's Project Soli Is The Future Of Gesture Control 4

The project leader of Project Soli, Ivan Poupyrev, has kept in mind the user friendliness that we have become accustomed to in all Google’s devices. Project Soli will be able to recognize all movements that are already under use, making it quite intuitive.Google Is Developing Project Soli – The Future Of Gesture Control 3 For example, to adjust the time on your watch, you will have to mimic the movement of turning the knob of your normal wristwatch with your thumb and index finger and the device will recognize that movement. This application of common movements into technology will have very far reaching effects.

google project soli 3

Project Soli is still on the drawing tables of Google’s ATAP but we are sure that it will be released in due time and we, like many others, can’t wait to see how this promising technology actually works in real life.

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