Gravity Glue: The Art of Rock Balancing

There are many different art forms these days, but the art of rock balancing seems extraordinary. Sculptor Michael Grub has done what no other has, perfecting the art of defying gravity.  He calls his project Gravity Glue.  He uses his rock balancing skill as a performance art, he creates unique rock formations in front of spectators, who are amazed by what he can do.

gravity glue14

gravity glue9 gravity glue8

Michael Grab can pile rocks up in all sorts of formations without any glue at all. He began balancing rocks during the summer of 2008 in Boulder, Colorado.  Just fooling around with rocks sparked his curiosity and lead to his passion for rock balancing.  While admiring his creations you get a sense of magic, peace and the feeling that ‘Anything is Possible.’ Grab says to achieve a challenging balance requires contemplation of both mental and physical elements.  Grab feels rock balancing is a great way to relax, release stress, play, and create.  It’s almost like meditating, challenging what seems virtually impossible.  His balancing technique requires a minimum of three contact points.  While every rock is covered with several indentations that could serve as contact points, he finds the ‘finest point balances’ by paying close attention to ‘vibrations’.

gravity glue7 gravity glue12

His discipline has turned into a therapeutic ritual. Grab has mastered the ability to feel for balance points and how to manipulate gravity in order to hold the structures together.  He founded Gravity Glue to share his experiences.  His vision grew through his astonishment of what this art has done for him personally.  He encourages others to find their “still-point.” Over time his sculptures have grown much more complex.  Sometimes his experiments yield something amazing and sometimes his sculptures just collapse.gravity glue5 gravity glue13 gravity glue4 gravity glue3 gravity glue2

Michael Grub thinks he’s probably only one of five professional rock balancers in the world. “There is nothing easy about it,” he says. “It can frustrate me to my limits, and then I learn.  Or it can reveal magic beyond words, and I learn.  Sometimes the rock wins, but most of the time I win.”

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