Green Gadget – Epson’s In-office Recycling Machine, PaperLab

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Helping the environment nourish and recover from the damage it has been dealt is a long process albeit one that starts from your own home and office. How many of you geeks are aware of the three R’s of environment? They are, as shown below.Green Gadget - Epson’s In-office Recycling Machine, PaperLab 5

Now, in simplest of words; don’t buy stuff that you don’t need and reuse the stuff that you do buy and ultimately recycle it. This helps in reducing the demand of items and thus the production of them slows down. Let’s take paper for instance, don’t buy extra paper and reuse the one that you do have. How many times have you thrown a piece of paper in dustbin without fully utilizing it? Once you have fully utilized the paper, please recycle it. Epson is a company that has made it so easy for office folks to recycle paper!Green Gadget - Epson’s In-office Recycling Machine, PaperLab 2

The company, Epson, has unveiled its latest gadget, PaperLab. This amazing gadget is the very first of its kind; an in-office paper recycling device. As per the company, the gadget is capable of making about 14 A4 sheets per minute. Per Minute! The users need only feed it the used paper that they want recycled and select the kind of paper you want; you can ask for business cards or colored pages. The output really depends on how you program this amazing device.Green Gadget - Epson’s In-office Recycling Machine, PaperLab 4

The benefits of having such a gadget in your office are countless. You’ll be cutting down on waste while being able to save money (no more purchasing of paper in bulk) and you’ll also tackle the issue of privacy that arises when sensitive documents are not discarded properly.Green Gadget - Epson’s In-office Recycling Machine, PaperLab

Epson will presented the PaperLab to public at the Eco-Products Environmental Exhibition conference that was held in Tokyo, Japan. The product is slated to be released as a test-product in Japan this year and if all goes well then it will be released to the rest of the world as well.

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